Glatorian game dial

Hi Everyone
I was messing around in Part Designer and came up with this!

I would like to make it fully available for everyone using, though I don’t know how to get it into a format similar to Galva’s/KingK’s mask pack or the Biopack to add into the custom parts.
So could someone help me out?


that is beautiful good job

Don’t know for part packs, but you certainly can give anyone the .part file (PartDesigners’ own type), or share a link to a cloud storage with it. It would be downloadble and save-able for anyone through PartDesigner. Hope any of this helps.
Very nice work also!

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I’m pretty sure that the life counter piece is available in vanilla already.

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So I uploaded it to drive as a Partdesigner file.

Could someone try to add this, see if it works?
After file download, should only have to click “Export to” in the top corner of Partdesigner.

@Atobe_Brick The part itself is there, but I wasn’t able to find it with the decal.


I always loved that the Glatorain sets all had this piece.

If I remember correctly, one can find it by typing in “glatorian” (also make sure that the no-decorated-parts box isn’t selected)

Unfortunately, I currently don’t have access to, so I cannot confirm this.

I just looked, nothing seemed to come up when I search “Glatorian” or “Sprocket”. :man_shrugging:
Either or, we have the part now. :partying_face:

Edit: @Atobe_Brick My mistake, it is there. I mixed up the decorated brick On/Off option.
Oops :laughing:

where is it? I still cant find it. Is it in the biopack?

The original one is in the “Master” parts tab.
Make sure you turn on decorated parts (the highlighted section below), this is the ON setting
Then type “sprocket” and/or “Glatorian”

I’m in the 3D modelling discord server and the creators of the Biopack are in it, do you want me to ask them if I can pm you an invitation to the server? (Assuming you use discord.)

Sure, that would be awesome!
Though I don’t really have any 3D modeling skills, so I don’t know what I could contribute aside from decals like this.


contribute your friendship


No you’re fine, it’s just a group of mocists/experts, 3D modellers/printers, artists, biopack testers, and concept designers. They also appreciate people who recreate sets in and perhaps fanon models as well. You don’t have to contribute in the server at all to be there.