[stud.io] Helryx

I got bored and made a Stud.io render of @TheUnderscoredDouble’s Helryx MOC, wearing a Mask of Psychometry designed by Galva that I imported from Thingiverse. It took a little studying to figure out how parts are built because I’m stupid but overall I’m happy with how it came out.

I know the hoses are missing, but I was NOT willing to deal with the stress that stud.io causes me when trying to add flexible parts. I also couldn’t find the proper parts for the mace, so had to improvise.

Quick edit: I was unsure wether to post this on the artwork or MOC board, so I do apologise if this is in the wrong place.


The mask does feel big but that’s honestly due to how Galva designed it. He probably considered Helryx to be larger while the moc might be on the smaller side. Still waiting for the Kanohi contest because people are gonna to have some cool designs.

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I was torn between Galva and KhingK’s designs, KhingK’s mask has more of an '01 vibe but Galva’s mask looks more imposing. It does look a bit out of place with the skinny limbs but it looks more like Helryx now.

Well I meant the mask is designed for a taller version of the character. If it was slimmer or scaled down a bit, it would be perfect.

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The ribbed hoses don’t bend on Stud,io for whatever reason. You can use smoothe ones instead, but even so, learning to bend them how you want is a real learning curve.

This mask was my favourite Mask of Psychometry on its own, but it think KhingK’s is more appropriate for this MOC. Unfortunately, when I tried to upload it to stud.io’s custom parts, it got all corrupted into a blob. I dunno how to make it work.

How do you add that scratched texture?

@EmperorDuckie Thanks, I wasn’t sure.

@Takhamavahu When you set the render up there’s an option to add scratches at the bottom of the window, near the “show logo on studs” option. You can set their depth, so this being Helryx I just cranked it up as high as it would let me.

The custom mask willl have come out misshaped because of the mask structure itself - KhingK himself has mentioned he tends to make his polygon/face count extremely high, so when you import the file to Blender and convert it to an .obj you have to decimate the model so it’s face count is less than 13,000 if memory serves. Me and someone else on the Bionicle Maskposting page have imported the bulk of both his and Galva’s Thingiverse collections, including their own homebrew parts and weapons, which I will share the links for once I dig them out. I’m working on a third that holds miscellaneous parts (such as articulated fingers) but that may take a while because I’m lazy.

Bionicle Maskposting | Who wants more Stud.io parts | Facebook - Galva Pack

Bionicle Maskposting | Need more masks for your Stud.io creations | Facebook - KhingK Pack

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Thanks. When I downloaded KhingK’s mask alone, it corrupts, but I did also find it in a big package with several other masks and it worked. Maybe that’s the same one you linked?

Might have been. Some mask designs are a little too complex for stud.io to handle, so you have to fiddle with them to get the polygon count down to a point that it will work correctly. It took me a few attempts to get right at first, but the resultant model still renders nicely.