importing custom pieces issue

Hi! Since I have a scarsity of green Bionicle parts I wanted to use
I tried importing a pack of Bionicle parts, but despite doing everything as the tutorial said they didn’t show up in the editor. What am I doing wrong?

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Are you using a Mac or PC?

For Mac I had to go into the folder where the Studio app is located in my computer, go into the lDraw sub folder, and then paste in the file that was downloaded- in the case of the Biopack it was a folder called CustomParts. I had to change the name of it to Custom Parts (adding in the space between the words) in order for it to work, I was then able to see it as a palette option in studio.


Thank you! It worked!


I’m using a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series so there is not working because the computer is incorrect?

No it should work on a dell just fine

Something that confused me for quite a while was that I had trouble locating the “Custom Parts” folder where the tutorials tell you to put the parts files (I had to do it manually 'cause I use a Mac). Eventually I figured out that the folder probably doesn’t exist to begin with unless you first make a custom part or minifigure in’s sister app known as “PartDesigner”, available here:

Yeah, or you can always manually create that folder as I eventually did.