renders of my Okotan adventures characters


Today I’m going to show you all some renders as the title implies. The renders are of the characters I’ve playing in the Rp Okotan adventures through out its life time.

Also another thing to note is that g2 heads and protector mask don’t exist on so thats why most of them are maskless glatorian faced. They will also be ordered in the odered I added them.


Azure: (Active, in one of the main groups)

Leif: (inactive)

Tarkur: (Active, on sidequest)

OA The Adveture Continues

Hipa: (Semi active)

Skipper: (Active, on personal quest)

Era: (Active, on a quest)

OA Spider Saga

Reige: (Active, Currently wounded)

Virky: (Semi active, out exploring)

Domau: (Active, working)




Stud-io has the 2015 add on but not the G2 head piece smh :expressionless:

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Yo what parts pack has the metru torso armor?

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The latest one from 810nicle day last year


Here ya go


So when it says type in your username does that mean your bricklink username?

What username? I don’t recall needing any username to install it

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oh, I’m on i mac

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First and foremost had to look up the mac guide also posted it here. I think the username in this case is the name of the user on your mac computer, so try that.


i cannot find the custom parts folder in the studio file

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Hmm… they should be there, I don’t use mac so I don’t know how the mac files look but I suggest contacting u/Swampykryakwa on reddit or u/Synnova32 they might be more versed in installation for mac than I am.