I decided to recreate the Vahki in since I do not own one myself. So far I have made Vorzakh.


What render settings have you used, you shouldn’t have that weird line around the model.

looks like he left the background on and then edited it out manually

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Actually I left the background transparent and when I uploaded the picture to TTV it generated a black background for some reason.

Where did you find the eyestalk and head parts? Trying to figure out here myself

The vahki parts are from the studio Biopack. I found it on a discord but you could find it on reddit. It was made by SwampKryakwa.


Found it! Thanks a million

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How did you get the download to work?
Unless I’m mistaken, that parts pack didn’t work with my Mac very well.

I found the newest release here:

Kingsidorak has posted instructions for MAC dowload.

Annoyingly this version still lacks the vahki eyestalk piece, not sure what’s up with that.

What parts pack did you use for the vahki brainstalk??

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Indeed! :+1:
Would you per chance have the link to the version of the Biopack that has that piece, @Toa_Good_Guy ? :slightly_smiling_face: The version I currently have includes the Vahki’s disk launcher, head, torso, and staffs, but not the eyestalk.

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It’s been a while since I used Studio but I can definitely check for you when I have some spare time