Student scissors' System mocs!

So this is where I'll be posting all my system mocs. I don't really build too much system, at least not right now. But when I do I generally build Lego Transformers so That's what I'll start with:

Lego Transformers Starscream.

In his jet mode (He's movie style BTW)
Now time for him to transform!

Robot mode!

Please leave constructive criticism!


Now that's pretty cool.


I mean, other than the quality of pictures, I like this guy. I haven't seen a system Starscream, especially one this small, this is pretty darn cool.


That's actually really sweet.


bayformer starscream 0/10

seriously though, this is really well done, system transformers is something I can't even dream of doing myself, and this looks really good, though he needs a better head.
good job.


So after playing with Starscream after keeping him in a drawer for a couple months I really wanted to make a new transformers so After digging through my transformers bin I found Aoe Scorn and decided to build him!

Next to his real counter part (Sadly he has one spine too!)

His sword (It stores in his tail like on the toy)

Robot mode! (I didn't show his transformation because it's a pain to take pics of it and it's really simple so if you look close you can tell how it happens)


Please leave constructive criticism. Btw who/what should I make next I'm in a system mood.


Neat little guys.


You should do grimlock or optimus prime! Maybe even a megatron! That'd be sweet...

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So I was going to make Dotm Megatron or something but I just didn't have the inspiration so I made.


In his snow plow tow truck mode.

In his robot mode (His transformation is to complex and fragile to show)

close up of his generic/basic head.

Sorry the pics are ssssooooo blurry I didn't have access to my usual place I take pics so these where taken on the shelf behind the bed meaning me and the tripod had to stand on the bed.


Transformer legos really seem to be your forte smiley
Think you can do anything.... Bigger? /challenge



What about Risebell as a transformer?

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Nothing to really base it on.
I would go for something cooler, like Optimus Prime.

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I'm thinking about making a constraction and technic based transformer after Christmas.

So time for something that's not a transformer!

Invasion from below Evo revamp!

So here he is! I made this guy for possibility so I'll just show a bunch of poses.

Sitting down.

God dangit
Well all the pics I took of this guy where too big to upload so I took new ones which where also too big. So now I'm frustranted and it's getting late so I'm just going to wait till morning to fix it.

The only other picture that I could upload:(
Sorry about the terribleness of this post but hopefully I'll be able to fix it soon!


Robot Minotaur Thing!

So I was trying to make a little cuteish robot thing bbbuuuuuttt ended up with this instead. Don't get me wrong I like it it just wasn't what I was going for.

His back

Another pic of him from the front.

He has a couple of little guns along his side!

His legs. yes he has "roller skates"

A random pose.

His arm.

They use baseball caps as shoulder armour.

Next to Evo



Wow I haven't posted here In a while...
But soon that will change here's a Pic of all the mocs I currently have built:

So can you guess what all of these mocs are?


Tamaru, Hewkii, uh... one of the Sideswipe/Sunstreaker clones, and... some black imp?

Hewkii is close but the rest are wrong (I don't expect anyone to figure out what the transformers and the small one are. Especially the Transformer.)

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it's definitely a combiner.

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Ding ding ding correct

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