Stuubh's MOC dump

Hey everyone!

I’ve been a little inactive here the past couple months, so I wanted to share some of my little projects. Most MOCs here are fairly simple, aiming to resemble official sets. Plenty of them are just small side projects and WIPs that I didn’t feel deserved their own topic, so I’m just dumping them all here. Enjoy, and please share your thoughts!

prepare for the dump…


Here’s Bohrok for Plasma, Sonics Gravity and Lightning with their respective shields (from the Kal)

Alt. Tuyet (Lhikan Clone)

You may be familiar with my Tuyet (which is still Tuyet in my headcanon) but I wanted to make another that is derived more from Lhikan. If you’re gonna clone Lhikan, might as well go all the way with it right?

Toa Dume

Pretty simple WIP here, basically I want Dume to be an Pre-Metru build, something that resembles the Toa Metru, but isn’t quite there yet. I don’t expect him to be popular because of this philosophy

Tera, Glatorian of Earth

I was feeling a little nostalgic for '09 recently and read up more on the Glatorians. What I found was the earth tribe, a bit of lore I completely forgot about. These guys are severely under-MOCed, so I decided to try my hand. We’ll call her Tera, the canceled earth character from Bionicle 5.

Good Guy as an Av Matoran

Need I say More?

WIP Toa Mangai of the Green

he’s not finished be nice This guy needs a lot of work (possibly even a custom commissioned mask) but he’s basically trying to fit in with Lhikan despite his wild color scheme. When I get more parts IRL, I’ll play around with hoses wrapping here there and everywhere to represent roots growing on him.

Ice Man Guy

Some test renders of the Mask of Conjuring wearer of the Toa Mangai. I always envisioned him as a tall lanky guardsman of sorts, but getting that to work while still making him resemble Lhikan is the challenge.


WIP Naho concept idk

Skakdi of Psionics and Plantlife

yeah Skakdi of Psionics and Plantlife, is anyone still reading?

Toa Nikila

Better Colors:

Part of my ongoing struggle to accurately translate this f&%#@ng drawing into LEGO pieces. She is still very much a WIP. But she does have a gear function that… sorta works…

Toa Savage

Yeah DH Savage as a Toa. He’s based on my Tuyet. Same Island?

Tahu and Gali Mistika Revamped

I’ve shared this Tahu before here, and I’ve shared a similar Gali, but this one is a little closer to the official set than the previous Medium Blue version.

So yeah, that’s it for now. Nothing too special or groundbreaking, just a bunch of simple MOCs I wanted to share! I might add more here eventually, I might update these MOCs, we’ll see. Hope you enjoyed!


Why does the blue one not have a mouth


Idk ask Rothanak

Nah but there’s really not a whole lot of public Skakdi heads out there. I liked the goggles that one had.


Rothanak, why does the blue one not have a mouth?


Very nice. My favorites are Toa Dume, Plantlife Toa, and Matoran Good Guy.

Everyone is looking awesome :smiley:
How did you manage to get such a perfect marbled red and black on Dume’s mask? It looks fantastic.
Also really like the Skakdi, no issues with the closed mouth, sounds to sense that they close their mouths sometimes lol.
You should Look into KrayDay’s parts pack, they have 4 or 5 really nice Skakdi heads in there.


Certainly, yes.

That’s good to know, thanks. I’ve avoided his work before as it was a little too overly detailed for me. But there is plenty of stuff that fits my taste now that I’m looking.

I rendered the mask in 3 different colors (mata red, Metru Red and Black), then blended them together

Pretty simple, but works out nice usually.


Oww so that’s how you do it :stuck_out_tongue: I wondered how you got it looking so perfect. I was thinking you had some secret colour pack with really good marble effects xD Good idea though, they look really good.


Nice to see an Earth Glatorian with a shovel, I’ve thought about doing something similar.

better question is why niether of them have weapons.


Nah. Kryakwa should have a new better marbled pack coming soon though. if you haven’t blacklisted him. Hopefully that can produce a similar result. But editing them yourself just gives so much control that previous color packs didn’t allow.

I’m lazy


Yeah, I’m keeping an eye on his colours, as much as he the person leaves a very sour taste in my mouth, his colour pack is practically essential and exceptionally good. Just got to ignore the toxicity coming from the source.


These are all good, but I really like Naho. The colors and the shaping just work for me. Well done!

I don’t think that it is coming - that required some help from Lehvak, and I am not going to work with him anymore

Probably will port old marbled stuff to the new version of colorpack, but not more than that

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That’s unfortunate to hear. Still the old marbled stuff is pretty good in and of it’s self so can’t complain.

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Ye, it’s a pretty nice thing, just you can’t use it with the lastest version of colorpack and that’s a bit of a problem


smart fella

really like your toa of plant life


Thanks! He’s been on my mind a lot recently as I’m trying to design a mask for him. I also got a big bricklink order, a chunk went to him.

A smaller chunk went to Nikila :slight_smile:

On a sidenote, I’m very saddened to hear this. From what I saw, this update would’ve been game changing. At least I can look forward to using the old marbling again.


If you are interested, I can DM you files along with guidelines you can use to make some new-method marbling of your own, but it requires knowing some stuff like UV unwrapping.

If you have them I’d be open to taking a look. I know nothing about UV unwrapping though, so unfortunately I doubt I’d be able to do much with it.


So, uhhhh, how to DM here? I think I’m having a problem with finding it