Okay so I'm not all to sure about how this would be accomplished, or how easy it would be to do, or, how practical it actually is , but I digress. So I was thinking, maybe we could have sub-topics. For instance, lets say you're in the RvB topic, and you want to talk about season 13 episode 1 Prologue, but you don't want the conversation to get lost forever, simply create a sub-topic, witch is contained inside the main topic, and functions just like a real topic . Now I'm sure that you would have to limit the amount of sub-topics per full topic, but this could be handy. anyways thanks for reading this, if it's something that you guys don't think is applicable to the site, or useful, it's all good smile

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Well, closest we've got is the "Reply as new topic" function.

Which is likely as good as we're gonna get.


Favorite episode this far, except the season 2 finale.

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