Alot of people here seems to know this game yet there isn’t a topic, until now. :fish:

How was your experience with this game and whats your favorite Fauna? (the native creatures) Mine is the Reaper Leviathan.


This hasn’t had a topic till now? Huh.

Anyway, my favorite creature is the Bone Shark. I love it because it reminds me of a dragon. Through I find that it’s forgotten or overlooked by most people.

I haven’t played it, but I think it looks interesting. Maybe I’ll get it eventually.

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Subnautica is a game I have seen people play time and time again. I may get it eventually because it does look pretty interesting. I tend to enjoy open world games where you can do whatever you want.

I am definitely impressed with the look of the game. And I really like how you can go down really far in the ocean. Although I am not too impressed with how some resources are tricky and/or outright difficult to get, but that may have been fixed by now.

I recently got it for free as part of a promotion… and am now 20 hours into the game.

It’s fun and terrifying all at the same time, would definitely recommend. I may even buy the expansion pack they’re working on…


I need help with a (partly joking) survey. do stalkers hate you, or not care?
I ask because my cousin who got me into the game can swim all around them and right in front of them, but they do nothing.
when I get anywhere near them, they start trying to attack me.
we also tested. he went in a kelp forest, went around and came out unscathed.
I go in…
and get attacked. we also tried this the other way, with the same results.

I love this game.

My favorite fauna is the ghost leviathan (mostly because I’ve killed 12.) but that’s beside the point.

My favorite moment has to be finding the meteor crater, that was cool.In fact I do have a theory that the precursor data entry there is talking about al-an from below zero.