Sucker, The Very Supprised Protector of Lolly Pops

This is, of course, an entry to the protector of junk food contest.

And needless to say, he is quite surprised.

He duel wields Dum Dums of Doom.

The foot isn’t supposed to be there, but I needed to stand him up some how.

The back coverage does leave a bit to be desired I suppose, but it was the best I could do.

Yup. That’s about it. I hope you guys like him.


You got the look of a lollipop across nice here, though it would be nice if you had implemented a protector mask in there somehow.

A lolipop with arms weilding lolipops.

This MoC is alright. Could use a face,


I kinda want to eat him.


WHere does it start and where does it end?

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It certainly looks like a lollypop. What piece is the big red center? I don’t recognize it.

I will say the trans red canister is creative.

Although he still is very cobbled.



I don’t have a protector mask, which is why I did it like this.
@Mrblackpants What do you mean?
@ajtazt It was a piece of the canister of a creator three in one X pod, specifically the race car one I believe.

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I love the super unorthodox build. :smiley:

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