Sufjan Stevens

Shouldn’tve been surprised that this wasn’t a topic (should’ve known better, huh), but might as well.

Sufjan Stevens is a prolific singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, once-kids’-writer, collaborator, multi-genre musician, orchestrator, fifty-state tourer, walker, dreamer, treehouse greeter, Pentecostal preacher, and all-around national treasure. If you haven’t heard a song from the man, get to fixing that: his range goes from operatic to electro-poppy to the simple plucks of a banjo, but often (to be honest, almost always) cathartic.

A couple below:

(And yes, that droll of a paragraph was my own composition, and yes, it’s pretentious. Like Ganya, I try to be original when I’m not, but it’s not for lack of trying. (? ;{))

(Oh, right: the last one’s a collaborative effort. Unfortunately panned by critics, or at least to the standards of the individual artists. The song’s still pretty good though, so hey.)


I’ve heard Seven Swans, Illinoise and Carrie & Lowell but I wasn’t as big of a fan of C&L like everyone seems to be. Illinoise is pretty legit though, love a lot of songs on there.

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Yeah, can get that. Sufjan can go pretty hard when he wants to (Age of Adz), so the lax (yet powerful I guess?) Carrie and Lowell does feel like a regression from his typical style. That said, he’s still a good songwriter and the songs are still solid.

And yeah, Illinoise is great. Being able to characterize a state with a couple songs (one which saved one of my APUSH quiz grades, so there’s that ;)) is a remarkable feat.

Necropost; but while this is dead, I might as well pop in Suf’s best songs, way earlier in his career:

(You know he loves her for her mind)

I’m late, but…

love, can you love yourself?

Also late, but happy 4th!

Y’all forgot his Christmas album. It’s great! Listen to it! Review it!