Sufjan Stevens

Shouldn’tve been surprised that this wasn’t a topic (should’ve known better, huh), but might as well.

Sufjan Stevens is a prolific singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, once-kids’-writer, collaborator, multi-genre musician, orchestrator, fifty-state tourer, walker, dreamer, treehouse greeter, Pentecostal preacher, and all-around national treasure. If you haven’t heard a song from the man, get to fixing that: his range goes from operatic to electro-poppy to the simple plucks of a banjo, but often (to be honest, almost always) cathartic.

A couple below:

(And yes, that droll of a paragraph was my own composition, and yes, it’s pretentious. Like Ganya, I try to be original when I’m not, but it’s not for lack of trying. (? ;{))

(Oh, right: the last one’s a collaborative effort. Unfortunately panned by critics, or at least to the standards of the individual artists. The song’s still pretty good though, so hey.)

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I’ve heard Seven Swans, Illinoise and Carrie & Lowell but I wasn’t as big of a fan of C&L like everyone seems to be. Illinoise is pretty legit though, love a lot of songs on there.

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Yeah, can get that. Sufjan can go pretty hard when he wants to (Age of Adz), so the lax (yet powerful I guess?) Carrie and Lowell does feel like a regression from his typical style. That said, he’s still a good songwriter and the songs are still solid.

And yeah, Illinoise is great. Being able to characterize a state with a couple songs (one which saved one of my APUSH quiz grades, so there’s that ;)) is a remarkable feat.

Necropost; but while this is dead, I might as well pop in Suf’s best songs, way earlier in his career:

(You know he loves her for her mind)

I’m late, but…

love, can you love yourself?

Also late, but happy 4th!