Suggest Something for me to Draw

I’m not the best artist and I’m bored so send me some art to draw. You can send MOCs, pictures or anything. Just don’t send me memes or anything that’s against the rules. I have a cartoony art style so if tell me to draw something serious well… I’ll try my best.

Edit 2:
I will be checking back on this every now and then so even if you see this in a week you can still post a suggestion.

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How about a futuristic armor set with some bionicle flare

Hope you’re not disappointed. Tell me how you like it.
Bob the Future Man

@Ninjanicktf @Eljay Hope ya like 'em

@ProjectLegoAnimation Sorry if it’s oddly shaped, I just wanted to draw the face.

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Could you draw mata nui fighting a dinosaur?

Canyou you draw Eljay riding a pony?

Here you go @YEE

Hope ya like it
@Toa_Vladin MSpaint good? :stuck_out_tongue:
@Toa_Vladin I have no paint out my house
@ProjectLegoAnimation it takes awhile to upload to my computer from my phone. I will begin yours now .


make me a paint with my self-moc

his cousin

and his other cousin

I really want to see the paint!

I know you’ve already have two requests (you don’t need to do this to fast, just take your time), but could you draw the Kanohi Ignika (Mask of Life) in your cartooney style?

EDIT: Never mind, you have three other requests now XD
Oh, you posted one of them. my bad :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s fine! I think I prefer… the one on the left more, but they’re both good!

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It’s amazing.

it would be interesting to see you draw a Pokemon
which is not one of the OG 151
that also includes the Alola Forms and Mega Evolution

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