Suggestion: Topics close after a certain period of inactivity

Pretty sure this is the right category, but anyways

This may seem a bit strange, but let me explain

So remember when I said you should all make moc topics?

Stupid idea, do not do it
Because if someone keeps posting mocs to a moc topic, the majority of the rest of the boards will not see it, either because they don’t read everything, or are new

Heck, this will also solve the minor ghost posting problem, with old users going on random old topics and saying “shouldn’t this be locked by now?”

And it counts for other inactive topics as well
Or maybe keep it to the moc side of things?
don’t really know.

Not sure if this is a possible addition, with the software the boards are using, but I hope the boards staff considers this

Additionally, I believe it was @Ekorak who suggested this, but never made a topic

So there you go bud.

And don’t forget to comment with your opinions on this.


Neh. i don’t like the idea. it’s like saying ‘‘Hey this is old let’s delete it’’
honestly it sucks.


Yeah, I agree with this.


Not deleting…closing. If somebody wants it open again they can just message a mod.

And yes, tato, this was my idea. Told you and Chro over Skype.


I disagree. If I can make an example, the BIONICLE prototype topic. It was inactive for a long time, then suddenly conversation spung up again when someone made a new topic, and Var closed it and linked to the old topic.


If a post is made in a topic, it pops back up to the top of the boards. Sure, it doesn’t show up under “new”, but I don’t really see a problem with making a new topic for, say, a new MOC.

But that only applies to creative work. If we’re discussing something, such as “Romance in Bionicle” or some other such topic, I don’t see why we’d need a new topic for that.


I don’t think necroposting is bad unless it is in a dead game, RP or joke topic. If a year from now someone sees age of ultron on DVD and wants to make a comment in that topic, there is nothing wrong with reopening discussion. Same goes for mocs, bionicle discussion, video games, artworks and any other topic so long as it adds to the conversation

It would be redundant to have to message a mod to reopen a topic every time it closes down for lack of activity because there is a chance no one will respond to said necroposter and it just gets shut down again and a cycle is created.