Suggestions to Ven's MOC Reviews

What moc do you want featured in Ven moc reviews

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Slightly edited the name and moved to Pandemic Panda.

I'd be honoured if my MOC were to be chosen for a review. ^-^

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I would like to see a big "MB Self-MoC" sorta thing.

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I don't mean to be rude, but didn't Ven specifically state that he won't be taking suggestions and will only be reviewing MOCs he finds himself?


Hi OculusNuva

In the video he stated that "if you want a high possability of me reviewing your moc post it on the ttv messageboards. Well he said only that you should post your moc he dind't say anything about making a topic where he can find the mocs.

I just want make clear that i made this topic to make it easier for ven to find mocs to review.


Oh okay thanks, I must have just misread something he said. Thanks for clearing it up. wink

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I personally don't feel that posting here will give anyone a better chance to be featured. Seeing as how posting in a topic meant for suggestions to the series is basically the equivalent of saying "Please review my MOC!" which he said he wouldn't be doing that.

So @OculusNuva was correct, because making a topic specifically for MOC reviews isn't what he wants. He said he wants to find them himself, not for them to be pushed on him. Because, let's be honest here, if he said "Send me your MOCs to review!" Then he'd get a slew of MOCs thrown at him in PMs, email, Youtube, everywhere.

I understand your intentions behind making this topic, (And make no mistake, I'm not discouraging anything in any way here) but it's perhaps not the most effective topic. But then, that's all up to Venom to decide.


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I'm certain Ven picks varying MOC's from the user submitted MOC's. Having a separate topic suggesting MOC's would just result in people posting their MOC's in multiple places which seems unnecessary. Having all the MOC's here would just give the same likelihood of the MOC being picked as having the MOC be submitted in the Lego Creations area.