Sukiyami knight Gundam.

I while ago I had a plan for a custom that I funded with several kits and parts; in the end the idea wasn’t going to work to begin with so I ended up with a spare hgbf build burning and no other ideas I wasn’t already working on or that I didn’t have to buy more for.

My idea here was mostly a more pure, non demonic form of the original sukiyami.

I also ended up cutting the flame punch effect peices in half for a kinda a flaming spearhead attack.

With the Celeste Gundam


I like it!
It looks really good, nice use of the Burning Gundam.

Update; for another custom I had bought the sky high wings

Said custom was going to the larger wings and for its theme the extra wings didn’t fit; so I added them to fit with the non demonic sukiyami in order to mirror the original.


That looks really cool!