Summer 2016 Revamps!

Hi, digital here, with some revamps after a few day hiatus. So, let’s start off with my favorite, Umarak the Destroyer!

He’s a big one!

I actually think he is taller than the combo model. Also, this post will be picture heavy, just wanted you to know.
<Next off, storm beast!

He is the same concept as the set, unlike umarak, but is still way better in my opinion.


You gotta have muclse on your muscles!
Next off, quake beast!

I actually think I LOWERED the price count on this one.

Nyran shot

With special guest star, my finger!
And finally, lava beast!

I gave him actual wings.

Nyran shot

They got his mask!
Anyway, that’s all for today. Also, new tablet, so I actually have okay camera quality, its a miracle!


Make sure your pictures are done uploading before you post, and actually show us the Moc not 3 slightly different pictures.

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Fixed it. Plan on taking better pictures, just need to find some good poses. Thanks for the feedback on photography, really need some.


Good, because I need more pictures with poses, but from the looks of it they seem pretty good.


Thanks @Invader.

Every MOC topic on these boards is.

The ones that aren’t usually aren’t very liked.

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These aren’t bad, but the photography is bringing them down. Also, I don’t think the rotating waist torsos work with the skull armour plates. The waists just look tiny.

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I think I like ol’ Storm Breasts Beast the best, though all there designs are pretty cool, but they definitely could use some work. Seriously, Quake Beast needs some major re-design in terms of color and balance, lava beast needs better hands(yeah that’s it), and I think stormy could use some work on the torso(re-place it with play stippling’s design). Not to mention Umarak, who, no actually he is fine.
Other then all that, these guys are pretty good!

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