Summer 2020 Legacy Spectulation

It’s common knowledge by now that there will be a few more Legacy 2 sets coming later on in 2020 (possibly during the summer). The set numbers are 71704, and 71705. Now, the Legacy 2 sets this year have been based off of Seasons 3 and 4. And the pattern I’ve seen from Legacy is that it’s about 95% ninja vehicles. So here are my guesses for potential Legacy 2 sets to come later this year.

Ninjacopter (comes with Zane and PIXAL, maybe a couple Nindroids and a Nindroid jet)

X-1 Ninja Charger (comes with Kai; I’d also like a set like this to include some form of the Hover Hunter)

Titanium Dragon (comes with Zane and a couple Anacondrai cultists-we SERIOUSLY need those in Legacy! We shoud’ve gotten at least one with the Jungle Raider)

Ninja DB X (comes with Nya, Garmadon, Cole, Jay, Master Chen, and an Anacondrai cultist)

Cole’s Boulder Blaster would be nice as well. Or they could do a remake of one of Anacondrai shrine battles, or that Enter The Serpent set.


These all seem like good choices, I’d love an updated version of the Zane introduced with the anacondrai wave.

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