Sunshine in a Bag

After building them for almost a year i’ve finished the Gorillaz.

I originally planned on building them in the style of Brick-heads but i felt that was being overused so i ended up making them figures.
Group Shot

Noodle: Noodle was one I had fun with as I got to use sand blue from the ninjago movie sets and dark red from the hulkbuster.

2-D: I based 2-D off his Clint Eastwood outfit and had fun representing his crazy hair in lego. For his eyes I didn’t have black flat stud so i just sharpied white flat studs which I think works out for the better as it matches his cartoony style

Russel: On Russel I used parts from “Triple T” to build his torso. I think Russel exemplifies on how I planned these guy to be brick-heads with his squarish nature. Nonetheless his eyebrows are my favorite part about him. His hat was a last minute addition.

Murdoc: Murdoc was the first one i completely finished building and my favorite, I love the sand green, and I especially love how his his tongue came out. Since he was my favorite I gave him a guitar and took some extra pictures.

This is what think is one of the best photos I managed to take

Thanks to those who read everything


This is my favorite band in Lego form​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::+1:

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Clint Eastwood starts playing in head


I’m not the only one

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2d looks a lil bit too buff, but I really like these

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Nope :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

While not too familar with the Gorrilaz, these looks pretty great.


No idea what I’m looking at, but they’re pretty cool. You’ve got a definite style running between them.


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I should have said this earlier but these are really good, my friend is a big Gorillaz fan so I know a few of their songs.

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this is really great


I love this! I saw gorillaz in november, it was great!
One thing to point out is that murdoc is actually a bass player and should have a bass instead of a guitar.

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I’ve never really liked Gorillaz, but these look fantastic. Murdocs my favorite

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Russel is a real tasty thiccboy


Yay I love the gorillaz !

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Good sir I wish you a Miru Christmas and a Hau-py new year


My ex-girlfriend has always (and still does) call/called me Murdoc, so I appreciate your amazing quality. Also hate to nitpick but: you forgot Del The Funky Homo-sapien

I was planning on building him but I ran out of mixel joints

Ouch man

The best band ever in Lego form? ALL MY YES!!!