Super Bowl 50 picks

post your favorite teams, predicted record, and then your super bowl picks. My personal favorite is a 11-5 record for the Eagles but the Super bowl will end up being Packers over the Colts

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I pick the [Insert Team Name Here]

"You Suck!"
"Get off the Message Boards!"


That is the definition of the steryotypical sports fan


I have no idea what this is, but, 49ers Superbowl 1,000,000-3 against [insert rival team]


I seriously know nothing about sports..


I don't do much with sports except watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. However, if I have to, I just say the Cincinnati Bengals because they are the first team that I ever slightly cared about.

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Same here, but they have been kind of hit or miss in the past few years.

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Packers vs Patriots.

Packers beat Seahawks in a payback matchup.
Patriots win a close one against the Broncos.

Packers win.