Super Mario Bros. X

Smbx is a fangame made by Redigit, the creator of Terraria. This game was made long before Super Mario Maker was even announced and it is, I believe, much better. Fellow member @Darkonius_Mavakar is a popular player and creator within the Smbx community.

Reasons I think Smbx is better than Mario Maker:
-You can add music from .mp3 files.
-You can add custom and downloaded graphics.
-Mario Maker has a maximum of 2 sections in a level. Smbx has 21.
-Every color of yoshi. Some even have special abilities! (Pink spits out Smb2 vegetables and Light Blue spits out frozen enemies.
-More power-ups.
-Much more!

So, like, discuss it or something.


Huh. I’ve always wanted to play Super Mario Maker, this sounds like something I should check out.

This looks awesome.

Wait so it’s not a crossover between Megaman X and Mario? Lame.

Nah this actually sounds cool. I should check it out.

Oh it is. I forgot to mention that players can create entire GAMES with Smbx. If anyone downloads it, I recommend Super Mario Star Expedition and Super Mario Legends Part 1 if Nintendo hasn’t shut this game’s download down.

I think Megaman is in Smbx 2.0 and you could possibly reskin him, but I’m not sure because I don’t have that version.

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Does it work for Mac?

I’d say check the Smbx forums.


Oh man the good ol days of using this. I was making a game called “Mushroom Kingdom Catastrophe” on this and finished 1 and a half worlds but my computer broke.

Is there anywhere to safely download it?

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I don’t know. I downloaded it so long ago I can’t remember.