Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!

That one show of color-coded, cyborg monkeys with a kid who pilots a robot and defends a city from an evil skeleton dude

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I miss this show. I need to hunt it down on DVD...also I never saw the ending to the show (no one spoil it for me).

Um... er... how do I break this to you?

there wasn't really an ending I think. Just a cliffhanger before a final battle I believe



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W-well... there's always fanfics?


Crud dude, you beat me to it. With all the recent talk about old TV shows I was gonna come out of left field with a show I loved as a kid but no one ever knew!

Until you beat me to it

Haha no harm no foul!

Wasn't the green one a Brit? That's pretty much all I remember, besides the kid and their giant robot fortress.

blue one was the brit scientist, green was the lazy/messy dude

I don't even remember!

I knew there was a Brit though...

Chiro = The boy (leader)
Sparx = Red one (the hot shot...I think)
Auto = Green one (the mechanic...I think...maybe not... Maybe it's what you said JMP. My memory is fuzzy at best)
Gibson = Blue one (the scientist...and yes he was the brit)
Nova = Yellow one (the girl)
Antari = Black/silver one (the wise one)

The freaking opening theme is burned into the deepest corners of my mind.

And then there was that orange one working for the skeleton king (I think that was what the villian's name was). What was his name? Mandarin I think?

And then there was that cyborg girl whose name I honestly can't remember.

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you got em correct. I believe the robot girl was Li Mey or something. Ling? Hold on lemme go check...

Ah! Jin May, yeah, that was her!

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Sparks x Nova

Yep yep yep!

The memories.

That theme song will never go away

I remember this show.
I'm done remembering this show.