Super Saiyan Rocka, or "The Golden Monger"

So… School’s out, everyone.
I made a MOC to celebrate.

Apologies for the terrible picture quality in advance…



Aaaand one last little pic, 'cause I’m really proud of this chubby bugger:

I was inspired to create this bad boy after watching this scene from the 2008 film Iron Man, especially the bit from 2:03 to 2:40.

Seriously, just watch the 2:03-2:40 bit,even if you didn’t like the MOC, because that bit is awesome.

Constructive criticism is appreciated, and please leave a like if you like!

  • FatCat23476

I feel like the shins could’ve been constructed in a way to remove those gaps, but I’m not sure how without something custom.

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Lewa’s armor fits surprisingly well on Rocka. Nice job! Looks like he would pack quite a punch

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Pretty cool! could use a Hero core (cuz its Rocka) but this is neat stuff!


His arms would benefit from a bit of bulk.

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Rocka, Black Phantom says Hero Factory will explode in precisely 5 minutes.

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I still have 15 days


I believe the same goes for me.

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As much as I despise Rocka, this is a pretty sweet moc.

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Not bad.