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They left out Waluigi , that is true injustice


I hated dimensions. The only LEGO game I like (that I’ve played) is LSW: TCS. I’d probably like LSW CW tho

I liked Dimensions because of the cool new way to play the Lego games, though Lego Worlds remains better by far.

Which brings me to wonder, could there be a new way to play this game? Like, much more unlockables? Less characters to start out with, more to unlock, more skins that you can unlock with in-game credits… I don’t own the Wii U version, so I’m not sure if there was anything like this.

Hold up, where’s Luigi? I NEED TO KNOW

Well, in the announcement video they said you’ll start with the roster of Smash 64, and that unlocking characters from there will be easier and more streamlined so that you’ll constantly be unlocking new fighters.

No one knows what modes there’s going to be, but I wouldn’t rule out that certain modes will let you unlock characters.

Skins have never been unlockable, they come with the character.

I was pretty sure you could unlock skins for Kirby and Zero in Wii U…

What’s the roster of 64? I really am only familiar with Wii.

As far as I’m aware, skins aren’t unlockable. A few of my friends own Smash 4, and they have never had to unlock skins.

Donkey Kong

Unlockable in Smash 64:
Captain Falcon

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Zero was never in Wii U…

Zero Suit Samus, maybe?

[spoiler]Or maybe he means ZeRo…

ZeRo for Smash 5.[/spoiler]

Who’s ZeRo? I was talking about Zero from Kirby Dreamland 3

I meant Zero Suit, I was too lazy to type it all out

The guy who won both Smash Invitationals. And Evo 2015.

And a lot of other tournaments.

He’s a really famous Smash 4 player.


Smash Bros. Brawl is the only Smash game I’ve played but I am very interested in this new and improved version. I am glad Ike and Marth will be in it, I was worried after Nintendo’s first initial teaser. Hmm, more characters with swords to play you say? I like the sound of that.

Ike is still the best. :wink:

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I prefer brawlers. A good ol fashion Kirby, maybe some Mario in the mix, and especially MII FIGHTERS

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when is nintendo adding tupac

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I’m really hoping that there will be lore in this one…

He’s coming…

Disappointed waaa

Well if Goku does join smash, at least we all know what his final smash would be. But what about costumes?


Probably references to Kaio Ken and other stuff.

no, i don’t think he should be in smash

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One thing did occur to me. Everyone wants Waluigi to be in smash. Everyone wants him to have the respect he deserves. For him to be more than just another assist trophy. But here’s what I think. I think he deserves more than that!

Why make him share the stage with so many others when what he really deserves is his one time in the spotlight! Give Waluigi his own game! Make Super Waluigi World a reality!