Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Topic

While i’m skeptical this look like an enhance version of Smash 4 at first, they manage to add some old/new mechanics, and all the roaster from prior entries return despite majority of moveset unchanged.

Rip all Assist Trophy cast from moving


This game is gonna be awesome!!

I’m so hyped for all the returning characters.

R.I.P Alph tho


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This looks like it’ll be fun. Even if it ends up being a SSB4 port with some new/old things.


I’m curious how the game will add to Masahiro Sakurai’s lore. :thinking:

Frankly that’s all I can get out of this. I don’t own any current gen consoles.

And in case you don’t know what I’m referring to, there’s a game theory episode on how each Smash Bros game has reflected Sakurai’s feelings towards the series. It’s very interesting, really.


Why Daisy.

WHY NOT WALUIGI. >:(((((((((((


Let’s get technical baby.

Random things:
It looks like you can angle Marths Neutral B upward.
Samus’s suit seems a lot sharper
Dang those effects are niiiiice
Will Daisy get onions? She got blue toads

Ridley does so much god damage. So assuming the other characters scaled to do this much damage as well… Seems about a 4-5 stock game within 8 minutes ideally for a tournament or something.

Also anyone excited for wave dashing to be possibly be back?

No Waluigi or Shovel Knight. I am disappointed. Though Ridley is pretty cool. If say this is the third most exciting from E3 personally.


>tfw snake and cloud are in the same game


They nerfed clouds limit
Swear warning and stuff in order as usual when it comes to this stuff.
Pretty sure there isn’t a swear here but eh.

It goes away after around 15 seconds. This is a hecka big nerf

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what kind of heretic films vertical?

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Not me but… Holy cow. That’s true.

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Only complaint= No Goku. (Fingers crossed for dlc)

The art on that picture, oh my. I really hope that’s the cover for the game.

Really excited for everyone to be back, even though my main C. Falc. is already a staple. :laughing:

Except the smoke trails when you get hit. They’re really excessive and annoying.

######They look good, though.

I’m glad you can finally charge Samus’ charge shot in the air. I think that was a Project M thing too, so that’s awesome!

I get tilted when people say that. :laughing:

Yes, it shares similar assets and some mechanics to Smash 4, but it’s not a port, not in the slightest. Similarity doesn’t make it the same game moved over.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a port. In the same manner that Splatoon 2 isn’t a port of Splatoon 1, Ultimate isn’t a port of 4.

For me it’s like this: Smash 4 nearly perfected Smash gameplay and aesthetic, so there really wasn’t a reason to change it drastically, especially since it’s likely this might be the last Smash we get. Not to mention it saves on development costs to just reuse assets since the graphical prowess from Wii U to Switch hasn’t changed too much either. The lighting looks better than Smash 4 anyways, so that really helps.

My theory is that this is Sakurai yielding. In a way he’s giving in to pressure, but giving in by appeasing almost everyone.

He’s let go of the stress of deciding which characters to include by including all of them. He’s decided to listen to the fans and make Ridley playable. He’s even let go of his own desires for Smash to be a party game and has started using competetive terminology like Perfect Shield and Short Hop and has included new tech for competitive use.

It feels to me like a last hurrah, a culmination of everything. Sakurai has let everything go and is pulling out all the stops.

Shovel knight would be fun.


He also came really close to winning the Smash Ballot last game. Fingers crossed for possible DLC.




Don’t have a Switch, though…

Now let’s hope that they have some DLC characters coming. Maybe even multiple winners in a new smash ballot? That would be awesome.

[details=Now, if only these guys can get in. I don’t think any will, but that would be awesome.] Isaac(Golden Sun Maybe with Felix as an alt skin?)
Crash(The Bandicoot one)
Spike/A Pipo Monkey(Ape Escape)
Rex, Pyra, and a few more Blades he can have(Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
…Actually that’s my whole list of characters we aren’t going to see I want for DLC.
Although, even the current roster is something to behold. Least new characters to date, yet also the most returning. I like the prospects of it so far.

Now I hope there’s a story mode to it. Like Subspace Emissary, but better.

Also, I do believe that this is the last Smash, but I hope it gets ported to many Nintendo consoles after the eventual death of the Switch.


I am super hyped for this game! It’s amazing that Nintendo is publishing the biggest crossover game ever!
Not sure why there is speculation of this being a Smash 4 port. It’s certainly a new game, just with returning elements.
Also, I can’t wait to use the Game Cube controller on this game. It’s no wonder the left hand side of the Switch Dock has two usb ports, so we can re-use that Wii U GC controller adapter.


I always thought that Dimensions would’ve been better as a brawler game, actually. I know in the updated version they added tournaments (or whatever they were called), but that’s what I expected the main game to be, with maybe a story mode unlock-able from level packs. Still holding out hope for a Tournament of Elements Ninjago fighting game, though!

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