Super smash bros VS Playstation all stars battle royale

So, this is a topic to discuss which game you think is better. I have'nt played either of these games, and are thinking of getting one. So....discuss!

ssb is a great game

all stars is a mixed bag from what I have heard

but then again

what do you prefer
nintendo characters
or sony/playstation characters


I mostly prefer sony characters, although i do like some nintendo characters.

then go with ps all stars

Cannot recommend

PS All Stars is generally garbage with far less variety and has only vaguely heard of a concept called balance

Meanwhile Smash is generally a good game with far more variety and has also only vaguely heard of a concept called balance

In all seriousness though I have played All Stars a bit, and it's much less enjoyable to me. The main issue is that it's a game where the only kills come through the usage of meter (i.e. you have to build up meter using normal attacks and use super moves in order to get any kills). The problem with this is that if it's a stock battle, the end inevitably turns into two players trying to bait each other into an advantageous position, and it just gets extremely lame imo. Time battles aren't much better; while they do remove the issue of the ending to every game being one giant attempt to bait out an unsafe move to punish, they arguably make things even worse, as whoever manages to get the first kill spends the rest of the match playing extremely defensively (zoning isn't really a viable technique since you can only kill with super moves), while the other player has to play far more aggressively trying to track them down. Making kills meter exclusive is an interesting idea, but it limits what you can do as a player far too much for the game to be good imo.



Smash Bros.
+Awesome character roster
+Amazing soundtrack
+Fun casually or competitively
+Crazy amount of work to 100%
+Really fast gameplay
-No balance at all
-Stages are way too gimmicky too often
-Online is ■■■
-Snake was only in one game.

PS All Star
+Okay roster. Has Sly Cooper, so my inner child was fine.
+Fun with friends and a casual mood.
+Three final smashes per character.
+Online lag is negligible
-Stages still suck, even with the switch
-No Snake
-No Cloud, no Crash, no Spyro. It's like if Smash forgot to have Zelda and Samus!
-Sony tries to forget that they own Team ICO
-Single player is lazy and mindless
-No balance at all

I like PS All Star, but no matter which set of characters you prefer, Smash is just a better game all around. You will enjoy Smash more, even if you like Ratchet more than Mario playing casually, and Smash is better competitively, no comparison at all there stuck_out_tongue

looks at @MT_Zehvor

Reads Zehvor's post

Sounds like he agrees with me on balance, and he accurately described why All Star had a poor competitive side.

I was specifically nodding at his overuse of ZSS.

If it'll make you feel better, I'll play Ganondorf and still beat you.


um have ya played smash 4?

Yes. Do you have technical skill? Probably a degree of it, but bear in mind that I'm the kind of player who cannot do off-TV play because there's too much input delay. Unless you are someone who regularly plays tournaments, I'm probably just a LOT more sensitive to delay than you are.

The slowdown lag, which is what most people see, is usually only in For Fun. For Glory's framerate is (generally) smooth, but the delay is REALLY bad.

When I saw PlayStation All Stars I wondered why do they have Isaac?

oh yea I see what ya mean. but you have to admit it is WAY better then brawl stuck_out_tongue

Oh, exponentially. Brawl's online was literally unplayable. At least I can have fun in 4's online when I'm not taking the game seriously at all stuck_out_tongue

actually I'm in a skype group with a couple of the guys on the boards that do that all the time I would be up to you joining but that's not my choice too make @KyoryuYellow1138 might be able to though if you are interested in that sort of thing. Warning though we do crazy things and we have a lot of in jokes and other things.... were actually sort of all insane.

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I can join the Skype group, but I cannot guarantee the ability to play much. Free time is something I don't have enough of stuck_out_tongue

well that was back during winter break. I haven't played recently for the same reasons stuck_out_tongue



Is there even a competition? Ssb is the greatest game series ever. It’s pulling the gaming world together. That other thing is bootleg rip-off ssb. Case closed.