Super Smash Flash 2

For those who do not know, Super Smash Flash 2 (SSF2) is a fan-made flash game based on the Super Smash Bros. series created by Mcleodgaming. It includes not only several of the standard SSB characters and stages, but ones based on other Nintendo games as well as several other franchises.
Some popular characters included:

  • Naruto
  • Black Mage
  • Bomberman
  • etc.
    This topic is to discuss this fine flash game. If enough people request it, I will create a topic to put together online game times.

Discuss away!

Find out more:

shouldn’t this be in advertising or something?

I don’t think so, It’s meant to be a discussion topic. I only included the link for people who don’t know what it is…should I remove the link?

Also I am not affiliated in any way with Mcleodgaming, I’m just a fan of SSF2.

I think this is a topic to discuss the game, so no.
If he was telling us to download the game, then it would be.

Ok. I do think I’ll change the link to the MG homepage just in case.

Moving to Video Games
This seems interesting. I may have to try it one day.

(forgot that there was a video game category. Thanks)
It is pretty darn fun. Once you get used to the controlls and start doing online matches, be sure to stand still in the “waiting room”. There is a bug where online matches desync easily if a match is started when someone is mid atack in the waiting room.

Naruto characters are always OP in the game

Also, flash games have kinda become obsolete thanks to Steam


Yeah, but I don’t have steam, plus this is FREE!!

Ironically, Naruto is actually a C-list fighter. It’s Goku who is OP.

Although I personally main as Captain Falcon or Chibi Robo.

I looked into it. It was alright, and really impressive considering it was all done in Flash, but the control was awful, and Goku and co. all looked so out of place to me.

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Guys get hype for beta!