Surai the skull slicer (my version of Skull Slicer)

After his humiliating defeat from his fight against the Toa, the Skull Slicer was freed from Kulta's control. Eventually he climbed his way out of the abyss below the ancient city and vowed to take revenge upon the Toa. He soon began honing his skills and replaced some of his armor plating. Now he returns, with his twin rapid fire hand cannons (which he stole) he bears the name Surai, which he gave himself during a conversation he had, with himself.


Lookin' pretty nice.
A great blend of Green and Yellow...

Thank you.

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Looks nice, although I'm not %100 behind the inclusion of Yellow. The concept of where the Skull Villians are now is pretty interesting, I may try my hand at it.

Looks pretty good.

Love the colors, also, head canon name accepted!

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This is actually a much better design for this! The green is good, since he is supposed to be Lewa's main enemy

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If it wasn't for the yellow gears, the yellow shells would look very out of place. As it is: it looks nice, just as good as the official version


Haha, nice, I strongly dislike characters without names, I'm working on finding one for my Basher remake before I post him.

@Triple I thought it fit better beside Lewa. And I look forward to seeing what you come up with, just tag me.

@TBT_Emerald Thank you.

@gerix2799 I did want to make him match Lewa more.

@DiamondKing Yeah, the rest of my yellow shells are on a different moc and I couldn't spare any more, plus, the back needed color.

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This isn't really anything amazing. It's really almost just Skull Slicer with two yellow armour pieces on his arms, and I don't think they fit with the trans green. This is really kind of eh. :confused:


Well I'm not going to argue with your opinion, this is my version and was designed to my personal tastes, honestly I'm surprised more people haven't said similar opinions to yours.

Of course, and if this is what you were going for, that's completely fine. :smile:

This is pretty cool!

Well it looks fine :smile: You did good considering what you had to work with