Surge & G2 Toa: Back to School (2015-2016) by sillypplproductions2

Breez prepares Surge and the G2 Toa for the 2015-2016 school year, but when Kulta the Skull Grinder becomes Principal, a battle royale ensues for both the school and the powerful Mask of Creation.

Feel the POWAAH by watching in HD!

Starring me as everyone except Breez & Surge.

Featuring dialouge that is very close to the Toa's personalities. Not too sure about Breez & Surge, though. Our hands get in the shot occasionally, and I said "Tahu does pose a good question" twice.

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what even


Exactly! smiley I figured since all of the Toa lost their memories,they would need to re-learn everything, so in order to do that, they have to go to school. Surge on our channel is a forgetful, silly, illogical, trigger-happy, easily provoked, stupid, childish, and occasionally violent character, so he would need to go to school as well, due to bad memory, behavior, etc. Breez is there chaperoning Surge so he doesn't mess everything up. Kulta attacking them was just for fun and so the plot wouldn't be "Surge goes to school and screws everything up by complete accident." Also, we rarely feature any villains on the channel, so adding them in seemed like a good idea.

In't that how he already is in the original shows/movies?

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Yop. We just cranked those parts of his personality up to eleven. stuck_out_tongue