Surge Revamp (?)

I wanted to give Surge Mixel eyes, and then I gave him a custom torso becuase the neck connection is weird.

Thoughts? Critiques?



He looks almost the same.

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Yeah, sorta the point. I didn’t want to change much besides the eyes.


Ah good ol’ Here Factory. It’s been a while.


The system parts in the torso fills it out will, and looks nice over all. The open axle is distracting, however. But overall, it looks a tad nicer than the original set.

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Yep. Thanks!

Thanks! I could’ve fixed the axle, but I was just lazy.

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It looks so similar to the original, even though the torso and the head is different
Nice revamp

This a new RP character? /s

Looks nice. I rather like it.

I love Hero Factory, so no matter how it turned out I would love this. But it would have been a lot cooler if you upgrade the articulation, modified the color palette, more detail, etc.

It’s still really cool though. I like the custom torso a lot. And the pics are great too.

Thanks! Making it similar was sorta my goal too.

Nope. Thanks!

Thanks! I agree that improving articulation would’ve been cool, but I figured it would’ve been more work than it’s worth, because I wanted to keep the same leg armor. As for the other stuff… If you look very closely there’s orange inside the vents…

Not bad. I like how well you were able to replicate the 1.0 torso without using the big chunk-piece.

Really nice version of Cossy you have here. :wink:

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google searches…

That’s a lot of blue flames…

Can you do this with other masks? It’s adorable

Yeah, I actually have. If you click on #mixeleyes, most of the mocs done by me have a the mixel eyes under the mask.