Śuśuka. Protector of the Oceans.

Sixth in the in the series. This is Śuśuka. Her name is the Bangla word for dolphin.


Looks suppa kewl

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Looks nice, though I’m assuming you used more bootleg pieces than the other protectors

Nice addition to the series, but the feet and hands look a little out of place. Other than that good job.

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No prisma? Unsubscribed.


Who would have guessed grey went really well with blue and orange?

This is excellent! All of these guys are great! Keep it up!

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looks really cool.i like how you did the chest area with the eco force arms and the bohrok eyes,

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I love dark grey highlights on Mocs, creates this cartoony look reminiscent of art styles used in games like Fortnite and Overwatch.

The use of the Chima wings in the back are especially nice.

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