Swarmix, Grotesque Menace

A mutated matoran with nothing to lose

Swarmix was once an ordinary matoran that lived his life like everyone else: rest, work, and make the best of life. But one night marked the beginning of a series of bizarre events, which involved Swarmix’s transformation, the sudden disappearance of an entire toa team, and the creation of the villainy that would plague the lands of Suhnork and bring the Guardians together.

After his transformation, Swarmix was recruited by a Makuta and was given the task of retrieving valuable anomalies and to spread fear among the people.

As a result of his transformation, Swarmix gained regenerative properties and the ability to summon a swarm of wasps.

Swarmix constantly comes across the Guardians and is always up for a fight, although he’s rarely the one that leaves victorious

Original version:

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Quite the improvement. The head is great, and the lower legs look very interesting.

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This looks a lot like gorast…do you have gorast? The mask from that set might look good on it as well. Well done!

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Unfortunately, I don’t have Gorast. Now that you mention it, I see the resemblance.

Nice head design!

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Definitely an improvement. The head design is interesting.

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