Sybas the toa mk.2

Sybas the toa mk.2 is just an upgraded version of sybas. I wanted to make him more samurai/semi-gundam, so i gave him a sword and more armor.

Leg articulation.

He can still unite and shoot studs from his arms.
Im planning on making a mk.3 and turn him super robot esque (not sure how to spell esque)
Link to mk.1
Sybas, toa of the abyss


I really like it. It looks interesting and I really like the fact he/she can unite with Akida.
P.S.: It is a he or a she?


Sybas is a he. Also thanks!

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Very cluttered, but still a decent build.
The weapon is questionable and I like how it has the Unity function.


I see, the weapon was supposed to be a very hooked and tooth-like.

The arms need a lot of work, the legs are pretty good but the lower legs look awkward with those trans light blue parts just tacked on to them.
He looks pretty cool though, I like some of his unique design elements like the arms being stud launchers, but honestly if it was a trans light blue bone with a shell of the same color, it would look better despite being simple.

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Thank you for the crits and comments. But could you rephrase this part because i cant seem to get what peice you are talking about. :sweat_smile:

Bone, and just another shell on it, though looking at the length of the arm it might not work too well if its too short or if it doesn’t have a long enough shell.

Comparing original on right, with your suggestion on left. What do you think @AwesomeJoel27?

I was referring to the lower arm not upper arm.

Oops thats my bad.

Yeah it keeps the elbow from looking awkward, it also makes it a lot easier to color match the arms with the rest of the MOC, you can make them dark azure, or trans dark blue.

Ooh i see, thanks!