Sylvanius: The Wind

Sylvanius is the Toa of Air in the new world of the Builders. On the reborn island of Mata Nui, and beyond as needed, he commands the winds and the power of air,"

“Unlike the great Lewa, he is stalwart and grounded, a reserved outdoorsman, yet always friendly to those in need, and easygoing amongst his fellow Toa,”

“Sylvanius wears a great Kanohi Rua, mask of wisdom, forged in the shape of a stylised Hau, and wields his Bush Scythe,”

“The Bush Scythe serves to both direct and focus Sylvanius’ elemental energy, as well as to clear the dense jungles of the reborn Mata Nui,”

Air and Fire

Sylvanius started out 7 years ago as a working prototype quickly nicknamed Miru Man. I finally finished him last week. That’s what we call fast building


I love the colour layout here, even though the gold mask is the only gold here it really pops, makes him look like he’s a gold guy wearing green armour

I like him a lot


I was going to make a similar comment.

As for the build itself, there’s a lot that I like; the colour are well-distributed, the figure looks solid and proportional, and I always like to see those old hockey pieces make an appearance.


When I was first working on him, he had Tanma’s Miru, so he had a Miru from every era at that point :laughing:


Do you have any pictures of him with the Noble Miru? I’m curious to see what that would look like now.