Sym-Bionic Titan

Hey, remember that one epic animated series during the dark days of Cartoon Network but got cancelled due to budget restraint… :robot: :gun: :tv: :money_with_wings:

For people who don’t know;
It’s a story about 2 aliens and a robot escape from there invaded planet and reside on earth, but they were track down so they much defend their new home before returning.

Any favorite scene/characters?


wait i thought it got cancelled because they couldn’t get a toy deal


I remember catching fragments of episodes here and there.

I never understood what I seeing though…

Never watched it, only ever heard about it years later.

That’s more or less all I remember. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard that time and time; it’s very likely but it somewhat falls in the same category of budget issue.

true, true

Aaaaah nostalgia. That was a pretty good series.

Oh I miss this show.
If only Cartoon Network made shows like this still.
cough cough teen titans go cough cough

Mighty Magiswords is ok tho

That was Young Justice.

actually young justice is still going

A third season has been announced, but it was cancelled after Season 2 due to poor toy sales

still sym-bionic titan was cancelled because the could not get a toy license

Oh. I thought it was cancelled due to having a small audience. Nobody I ever knew watched it, and nobody I ever knew talked about it.

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