Symbol of TSO

I drew a symbol inspired by TSO.
(I using this in my MOC-creation series that named “ARMHEAD”, but I share this as a simply graphic!)
(and I used a free-image from Pixabay at making the first wallpaper )


Looks fantastic, great work! Were you inspired by the Cryoshell logo?

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Thank you Bluebrick27!
I didn’t have that think while drew this, but I love the Cryoshell’s music and logo.
So I may have been unknowingly inspirated, indeed! :wink: :revolving_hearts:

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Daaang, that’s really good. It’s recognizable, but still pretty abstract. Awesome job.

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Almost looks like an official insignia. Wonder why Lego stopped making those.


WOW! That’s utterly incredible! I might have to hire you to create a logo for myself!

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Thank you BOSS! :wink:
well I have to go Odina and take an admission test… :relieved: :relieved: