Syras: Bounty Hunter V1

Hello everyone on the Boards!

Guess who's back? Me, with a new version of my MOC, Syras the Bounty Hunter!

Last time he was V0.9, more than a WIP but far from complete. Now I can confidently say that he is now in his V1! The updates will be gone over in the pictures below!

Link to V0.9

Syras is a bounty hunter who constantly travels the world in search of his next target. He never wanted to be a bounty hunter, to fall into alignment with thieves and murderers, but a need for camaraderie inside him drove Syras to join a band of enigmatic hunters known as the Sheeth. He found himself often paired with a lone-wolf warrior named Auria, an expert with her hunting rifle. As the two worked together on various missions, Syras grew to respect her and her talent. However, he still longed for a day when he might become something greater than what he was, but he always remained with his fellow hunters.

He is a master of tactical defensive combat, going into battle armed only with a large shield and steel knuckles for some limited offensive capability. Few have ever managed to breach his defenses. Those who did weren't around much longer to tell the tale. He wears a specially fashioned mask that was designed to look like a Bohrok's Krana to intimidate his opponents. Often the mere sight of it in the dark is enough to send targets running for their lives.

Here he is! I don't know why, but sometimes my photo quality just tanks with certain MOCs. Syras had a bad photo shoot day, I guess, but the editing helps.

Front view.

Side view.

Back view, and I still think one of the prettier looking ones I have ever made!

Torso close up. The waist and overall build hasn't changed, but there are some slight additions and replacements.

Three-quarters view of the torso. As you can I replaced Lewa's chestplate with Gali's (I need to buy a replacement so Gali can have this one back, but for now it's fine). I've also added some slight System greebling on the sides. The eyes are now green as well because it matches the blue better than the orange. The cloth hides the glaring yellow on the chestplate well enough.

Back has one little System grate added to it. That's about it.

Legs had some work done. I've painted those top two armor pieces, which are different from V0.9. Pistons seem to be a common texture, so I feel these fit better with everything else. I like how the paint turned out, too, in reality I can barely tell they were painted.

He also has some more blue thrown in and the 2015 piston add-on to add more bulk to the knees. The Inika armor is also held in place by some T-bars. The feet remain grey because it helps allude to the fact that he's wearing boots up to his knees.

And because of how they're built, he gets some really nice articulation out of them!


Punching with his steel knuckles! Also, all red axles removed!

With his weapon of choice, the shield!

The shield hasn't changed in build. And I just realized I forgot to shoot his arms. I'll go over them in another pic!

His new weapon, a chain! I had a friend over who just decided to link all my chains together and I though..."Wait, that would be so cool!" And I put it on him.

It hangs like this when not in use. The half-pin holds it in place and can be used to attach the chain to another MOC, or maybe be an extra hardened but to smack people with. The arms haven't changed in build either, but I've added some blue in places.

The chain can come off and lay here like this as well.


With Auria. his partner, after their latest target!

The Bounty Hunters always get their quarry! I plan on making three more Hunters to make a team, how does the Sheeth sound to all of you?

Well, that's about it! Also another announcement:

I am hereby declaring Syras the Bounty Hunter to be my secondary Self-MOC!

Why? Because I felt like it, and I seriously love this character! Ghar is still my main Self-MOC, always will be, but now he is joined by Syras in a secondary position! So yea, that's a thing now.

Well, let me know what you all think, and offer your critiques!

As always,
Discuss and Enjoy!


He has a chain 10/10.


I think his textures might need some work but other than that this is a solid lookin' dude with a chain.

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This looks similar to a MOC my boy Jareroden97 would make.


Pretty nice, not your best, but nice. the torso and the textures could use work, and the Gali chestplate does not work that well..


I like this, but that random Minifigure cape is weird.


So he does! Thanks, man!

He does indeed have a chain! Thanks!

I've never heard him, but I;m going to take that as a compliment!

I agree it's not my best as well, but it's definitely near the top of my list of my better MOCs! I'm curious to know what on the torso needs work, though.

Also that. Like, the CCBS shells with the G1 parts, or something else?

It's a bandana. For no reason other than I thought it'd look cool!

Thanks all!

It's pretty awesome for the most part, but I feel like the upper chest is a bit too blocky compared to the rest of the MOC.

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He looks very interesting. I find the torso a bit weird with the width of the waist

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I got too say this looks great.
I really like the back.
Though the front of the torso looks strange.

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Hoorah! It's (Finally) Finished! A really good MOC, but the textures don't seem very cohesive. The legs are technic based with a lot of texture, but the torso and the arms seem to be simple and CCBS based. Other then that, great job!

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