System Beast Project: Okuta Beast of Stone!

Here he is the latest installment in to the project I noticed that the main thing that i wanted to do differently on the beast of earth is that i wanted more texture and less smoothness so i took that that and implemented in to Toka.

Hope you enjoyed :slight_smile:
comments and criticism are much appreciated!
So here they are the leg updates

i think that’s it, i was going to switch the joint the leg joints for possibility…im lazy


The legs look a bit bland and their lack a possibility sucks, but everything else looks pretty good. Maybe make the eyes more visible.

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I like the textures on this one, they convey the look of stone well

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Not bad, but the white teeth seem kind of out of place.

I like everything except for the legs…beef 'em up

Mixels but more LotR. I like. :+1:


wow that’s very creative

beef those legs up and you’ll have a masterpiece :smile:

Ooh. Legs are a bit too plain, but everything else is great.

This is the first System MOC I’ve liked enough to comment on here.

The head is what sticks out to me the most. Great work.

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I love system moc’s heads, and this is no exception :smile:

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I think i should fix them legs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


This looks very well built!

Thank so much guys :smile:

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no prob man :smile:

Your Welcome

So i just noticed i gave the same name twice with the beast of stone and earth…