System Gali

Hello there

I love system and I want to make system mocs of every BIONICLE character.

Here’s my Gali. You can also find the Onua I’ve made here

I spent a long time figuring out the mask I’m pretty happy with it. The rest of the body, namely the legs, might be subject to change.


Noice. The studs on the sides of the legs look a little strange, and the hooks just look a little flimsy to me. Though the mask looks amazing. Great job!

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I’d consider myself to have been a bit limited thanks to Gali’s color palette. I couldn’t find anything much better to use as hooks. I’m definitely open to ideas though

Very good details, will you be making a render?

The mask looks surprisingly good!

I like it, the mask is well done!

Don’t be ridiculous

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No render program?

Quite a clever way of shaping the mask

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Adorable. I want it.

No I have them

all of them

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I don’t know how I feel about Gali being dummy thicc

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