System MOCs: Speeder and Mech

"Captain's Log: Stardate...umm, I actually have no clue. We haven't seen a calendar since we got here. But uh, anywa-"

"Wait, since when are you a captain?"

"Look, this is my journal, so just let me be, okay?"

"Whatever, bro."

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, we do not know what day it is. Nor do we know what time it is. Pretty sure it's like, IDK, 3 PM? It seems about that time. BUT ANYWAY, the point is, we somehow ended up in a location that is most certainly not Ninjago.

I know not its name, nor do I know whether we have traveled in time, space, or dimension. What I do know is that this is a land of magic and science. A land where the stones and flames themselves take form to attack you.

So basically like Ninjago, but we don't know anyone. So like Ninjago but worse.

In any case, with what little materials I have been able to salvage from broken machinery, as well as tools I've been able to steal from various people I don't know, I've managed to create for myself and my companion two functioning craft for transportation

I only hope that these will be enough to fend off the crazy stuff we've been seeing so far."

-From the Audio Journal of Nindroid Unit Number Designation 385

So I decided to try my hand at system MOCing again. I'm still too scared to make stuff in actual color. But I'm trying, guis.

Firstly, a shot of the two pilots. The Mech Operator, 274 on the left, and the land speeder driver, 385, on the right.

274 just has a large pike he stole from a family in a random village, wherever they are, while 385 brought a black version of a Thunder Bolt weapon from Ninjago with him, as well as an energy shield recovered from some other realm. Something with talking animals or whatever.

So here's the land speeder, made to evoke a flying saucer on the front. Also, if it weren't clear, that clip on the back is holding a small pistol.

I have no idea if this was a good idea or not, but I thought it'd be funny if 385 didn't have the parts for a proper control panel, so he just built his phone into the console.

It could use some cleaning up on the bottom, but I think it has a decent ish profile.

Now for the superior construct

This small mech was designed after being inspired by Toxikita's Mech from Ultra Agents, and the Ice Bear plolybag from Chima.

I was really happy to get in the samurai like hip armor in the form of those bars, as well as add in a hook hand. 'Cause hook hands are cool.

I feel like I need to clean up the colors, though.

Obligatory back shot.

Feels good to say that after so long

As you can see, the clip on the gun arm was for 274's pike. But it could also fit 385's Thunder Bolt if needed.

Though it lacks knees, It can still pose pretty decently.

I think the two look great together.

And because people love these, a size comparison shot.

From left to right, it's: Arms Change Kamen Rider Baron, Nexo Knights' Sparkks, Patched Mecha, 385, and The King's Mech, also from Nexo Knights.


These look Fantastic!

I really like the landspeeder, but I'm gonna agree with you about the Mech. It works pretty frickin' well.


Nice work.

The mech's body seems to be too long (it sticks out too much; not enough width to compensate at that scale).

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I can definitiely understand that.

the idea was to sorta invoke the appearance of a large power supply needing to be stuffed into the torso, so to speak.

I also wanted to keep size down, so I compromised by keeping the 4 wide body, but attaching a bunch of stuff, making the body go past 4 wide both in the front and back.


I like how you designed the mech.

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the mech is so tiny but well built I can forgive the no knees

the speeder is also pretty nice

I like the speeder.

what's with Banana head?


He is Kamen Rider Baron

a knight themed masked antihero whose motif is also that of a banana


Why is this a thing?

Because Toei saw a very marketable opportunity in using the motifs of the many different shapes and sizes of fruit to create unique and distinct looks.

The lead hero of the series, Kamen Rider Gaim, is a samurai warrior whose armor is made of a metal orange.


Oh. I see. Toei...
I love Toei..

Spoiler alert: I do not love Toei

"Supreme Commander General Captain Leading Super Special Awesome Mega Master's log: Stardate...Dang, we still haven't seen a calendar? Well I guess so, yeah.

To absolutely no one's surprise but his own, 385's invention sucked. That mech got rekt almost immediately in the first fight. And we had to haul it on the speeder, and run away

like pansies

Anyway, we fixed it. Now the gun arm can become a hand, and we don't have that stupid lumpy generator messing up my balance.

So yeah, time to try and fight again, and this time not lose"

-From the Audio Journal of Nindroid Unit Number Designation 274


time for a mech update

I switched up the canopy, the backpack, as well as the legs.