System Rahkshi

#System Rahkshi

Following the G3 Rahkshi discussion on the TTV Podcast a few weeks ago, I decided to try building some movie-inspired G1 Rahkshi.

While other designs I’ve seen on the Boards have revamped the Rahkshi, I wanted to stay true to the Rahkshi’s original design, specifically the movie iterations.

Ideally I’d want to have the spines running along their back instead of being more like a tail, however this isn’t possible with the scale I chose.





Ideally I would have used these pieces for the staff heads, however they’re not available on





(*) Note that you can’t build Guurahk and Kurahk’s staffs without cutting the weapons (hence the colours clipping into each other).

###Misc Designs

##HowTo Guide

Watch the video below to see how to construct these Rahkshi.

Note that these weren’t intended to be physical MOCs, so you can’t build any of them without painting some parts; and the feet used above wouldn’t connect to the legs in actuality.

If you have any comments, criticisms or suggestions of how to improve these designs, feel free to leave them below.

##Coming Soon: The Elemental Thralls

The next installment in the Biowave Project’s vast roster of sets will be arriving to the boards soon. Keep your eyes out in the coming weeks.



These are really cool, it’s a shame there’s no real way to get spines on the back though.

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Unfortunate there’s doesn’t seem to be a way (or at least, any I know of) in giving them their trademark spines, but the shaping and accuracy for their scale make the mm quite solid.

Not bad, though I like the idea of a tail instead of a spine, dunno why.