System Stand

Some times a MOC just can’t stand by itself. Sometimes a MOC is so darn fragile you don’t trust it to not fall over and shatter into a hundred pieces. That’s where stands come in.


Yep that’s a stand alright.

It can indeed be turned around to face away from you

There’s something great about a nice tiled up surface.

3 jumpers allow for any Lego compatible figure to be size compared to whoever is being stood on the stand.

If you feel like going crazy it can indeed articulate.

But one question remains, what big, fragile, mama jama will be stood on this stand?

So I’m working on a pretty “big” MOC (Whether the MOC is big kinda depends on perspective. Compared to most system stuff I build it’s quite large, though it’s nothing huge) and I don’t want to post it till it’s done. So when I built this stand, I figured I might as well showcase it here aswell as provide a sneak peek for the WIP. Two birds with one stone!


For a second I thought the dreaded Stand trend had returned.


I still barely even know what the “stands” were.
So no, they have not returned.


Hmmm… this could be useful. Very useful.

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i know exactly what’s gonna be on there e^e

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Shush you in the loop group chatter.

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Very clean and efficiently designed. At first I was thinking Ungerade would be going on it, but this mentioning of a larger MOC has me fascinated.

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But how do you put a MOC on it?

The MOC is system so you just peg it onto it’s butt.

The funny thing is, it’s actually about the height of Ungerade IIRC. But compared to most of my system stuff, that’s quite large.

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Erm… dreaded?!