T-92 Razorback Tank

This is more or less a sneak peak of a system-related thing I've been working on since October. Presenting, the T-92 Razorback Combat Tank.

^ The tank in all of it's glory. ^

^ @MaximumWarp using the turret. ^

^ @OculusNuva piloting the tank. ^

^ A close look at the back side. ^



I think this looks great, if I want to nitpick, is that little hole in the back intentional? because if not it should be plugged up

Yeah, I'm gonna fix that at some point.

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Looks mighty fine.

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This looks nice, I love the use of the door in the back.

Thanks, it opens into the engine room and driver seat.

I was gonna make a roosterteeth joke, but there are young people on this forum so I will refrain from doing so

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That's pretty awesome, nice job