T.O.A Kayas: The Terminator of Bionicle

The Kayas is a AI created by the skakdi Dr. Galas durning the war against the artist and his army of mutated half rahi beasts. When the war was over Kayas broke free and started a new war against all life. It uses units called T.O.A units (Tactical Offensive Animatronics) to fight the war and the most feared one is the T.O.A Kayas (my selfmoc) who is built to hunt down specific targets who is a threat to Kayas.

It have four arms and his most used weapons are it's two swords and it's two scythes however it also have allot of hidden weapons like missiles (the spears) on his back and smoke grenade launchers (the coffee cups) on his shoulders.

As power source it uses four relics called the four stones of sin (the studs on it's wrists) and they get power by taking it form the surroundings and therefor it often pick up mask and nearly dead body's to drain them of energy. It also have a back up fusion reactor in it's back and in case of emergency it can self destroy itself by opening up it's back and turn the reactor to a nuclear bomb.


I'll be honest, I cannot tell what's going on but I don't like it, very cluttered build with parts just haphazardly stuck on to add detail.
And not only does it have a rahkshi head, but it's the only dark red on it.

Also you really should have taken more than one picture.


There is a lot going on on this thing, and the camera angles you've gone for make it a little difficult to decipher. Try this sort of angle, as opposed to aerial angles.


Ok I'll take that in mind, personally I like the scrambled look but I can understand why you don't like it. About the head I like the using the rahkshi head because it fits together with the furno xl head and the fact that it is dark red instead of normal red is both because I don't have any other head and I like when it sticks out. I'll take new pictures when I get home, thank you for your response.

Looks a little too bulky to the point where it looks a bit cumbersome. Can't really see much of the front but the shaping of the torso is... odd. The limbs look much better.


Now there are new pictures also I changed the moc a little so that it's not as bulky anymore

@LoganMcOwen Are these better? also I made him less bulky

@Triple Thank you I just made him less bulky and updated the pictures

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