Ta-Wahi Beach

i think about this place alot.

small doodle, i dont post alot on here these days, what can ye do sorry i guess :v

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Time to relax on a beach chair and await the Bohrok. Great work.


Understatement of the year


tru its like a dillion pixels big

really though, this doesnt take too long

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This is very nice, so relaxing and compelling to the eye.

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You took the words right out of my mouth @Stoax


I feel so calm...


My favourite location in Bionicle. The red star is a cute detail.


tis a beautiful area

strange enough, favorite part is actually the telescope spot on the left

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What are you using to draw? I really don't know. The concept of drawing on devices is fairly new to me.

yay, another cat picture!

but did anyone ever got around to moving tahu's canister?

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I find that this is most appropriate.


Aw man, you beat me to it!

Brilliant artwork! Captures the opening scene from the mata nui online game beautifully!

I wish one day to see Cat doing artwork of Metru Nui city districts. Or even Okoto.

This looks great, so calm and peaceful...

now wait for some bohrok to try to destroy it several times, until they finally succeed and a massive robot rises from under the island.

That chant gives me goosebumps every time I hear it...

Awesome drawing, by the way.

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This art makes me feel really calm for some reason. That is a compliment because I usually don't have emotions when I look at art. Great work. B)

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I really like this, it would make a great desktop wallpaper.