Tablescrap bionicle 2015

I got bored again tonight and watched some videos on that transforming egg toyline; this happened

Before anyone comments; I don’t have the protector of fire though I might paint this mask pure red.


This is something that I enjoy.

Though I feel like this moc is a little SHORTcoming in terms of creativity on the color scheme.

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Really small and basic, but I like the egg function. Overall, it’s nothing special, but not bad.
… Yup.

Cute little egg function…

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He transforms into a hamburger. Genius disguise!

i like this design, i allways love the compact troop design.

This little guy looks like he would be released from a space ship and aid on the battlefield on the ground.



For a tablescrap, this is pretty cool! I like the function.

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Do you mind if I use the egg idea?

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He’s really cool!

The fact that he resembles an egg at all is amazing alone. It would be neat if you could figure out a way to incorporate the mask into the egg mode.

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Well technically I’m using it myself so sure.

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Hoo boy it’s the protector mini-con

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That’s actually pretty cool!
Some bioformers I’ve seen give up the looks of one form for the other (i.e: crappy vehicle but cool character and vice versa) but both of these look pretty well done.