Tablescrap - Creature of the Caves

Tablescrap - Creature of the Caves

two more pics on Flickr

This all just started with Chi worriz’s claw, I pushed all the fingers down and said “hey, that looks like some kind of insect face” and I got to this, it’s pretty simple


That looks pretty cool.

Very menacing and creepy.

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Very enticing little design. I like the way you integrated the claws atop a Mata foot, makes the legs look stubby but powerful.

RAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHIIIIIIII. perfect moc for a rahi. and I love rahi. pleas post how you made it I would love to build one of my own!

It’s creepy for sure
Nice looks and consistent color scheme

It’s simple, but the parts usage is good.

Kinda reminds me of this:

Looks neat, though, kinda cute even.


he looks adorable, nice work

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thank you all guys!

it’s a pretty straight forward moc, there isnt really anything much complex
you can tell how it is built with the side view
Tablescrap - Creature of the Caves


thank y’all guys! first time being on the front page


Nice. He looks kinda cute.

Looking good!