Tahatai &「Shake Your Foundations」

Since there seems to be a lot of JoJo-fans on the Boards, I thought I might as well show my attempt at making a Stand out of Lego,「Shake Your Foundations」

…Wait a moment that is an old Photo

That’s better
The Stand’s Build is based on a customized Kiina-Torso, like most of my MOCs’, and I actually did some thinking on how to give it this articulated waist, because for the longest time its Torso was just like a stiff board.
Have some more Images for a good view and a Stats-page for the JoJo-nerds

Here’s a nice Bustshot of it

And this is SYF’s ability in use. And no, that pose was hands-free

Power may be a bit OP, but the range is only B (So Close-range power type)

I know it uses a lot of normal pieces, but to keep the the color scheme I can’t afford to add fancy custom limbs. Anyway, I leave you with one filal picture of this mediocre-at-best creation and give you space to voice your criticism and improvement ideas!


The MOC is decent. I think it’s just too skinny for my taste.
I like the drawing, though - it has nice shading!

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Looks pretty good, the matoran build to be honest looks good but maybe try tout make a custom build to help it stand out

Both of them look sorta thrown together (the Matoran is just a Matoran so this isn’t a huge issue), I’m not someone who tends to complain about simple builds, but these really feel “incomplete” to me. I am, however, a fan of the second’s torso design. It think you have great concept here, but I’d recommend looking into “smoother” designs (not in the literal sense, but from a coherency sense).


The moc is alright n weird-lookin

But that artistic rendition…:ok_hand:


One can really say my MOCs are never complete.

I’m surprised I didn’t add another alteration to the Stand after making the topic, hee he hee!

The moc itself is fine, though a bit basic, its an Inika build with a fancy torso.

But that drawing is fantastic!

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Basically me in a nutshell
Fancy, semi-ok torsos and ripping off Araki

Thanks though

Interesting build to say the least.
But the drawing is pretty noice!

I like it, but something confuses me…

What the flarp is a stand?

It has to do with an anime.

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It’s also a manga series whch I recommend to anyone interested in… manga.

But yes basically, read what Joel linked if you want to know more

Like almost all anime XD

Good point