Tahnok Va (Retro MOC)


Only using parts sued from 2004 back. Studs came up in a few old G1 sets so I guess it counts here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This guy is awesome! I like the way you close the gap on the shield for the head.

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Quite interesting take on the Va.
I have to wonder, if the Va is this large, how big would a regular Bohrok be? :thinking:


This is like a metru bohrok, nice work.

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This is amazing. Honestly the Va’s don’t get enough attention.

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I too now wish to see the Bohrok this guy’s been carrying Krana around for.

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Impressive color distribution and build. This is a lovely MOC.

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It looks like eva unit 2. i like it

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This is pretty cool. The lanky proportions make it look far more threatening than the original, which works well.

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This Bohrok Va looks way better than the original ever did. Amazing work! You get 3 out of 3 awesome crocs :crocodile: :crocodile: :crocodile:

Hoo-ly mama! This is some awesome work! He may not be cute anymore but I sure as heck ain’t gonna be gettin’ anywhere near those claws!

I absolutely love this build! :heart_eyes: I think that this would make for a really nice Halo Elite someday. Great job!

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We don’t talk about giga-bohrok.
he would be around four maybe five times the size of gadunka

The build looks fantastic. I especially like the head design, it provides some similarities to the Bohrok that the original Va lacked, such as the teeth. The only nitpicks I have are the green eyes and the Krana launcher jutting out the back. Overall solid MOC.

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as someone has probably already pointed out that is the wrong shield. But except that it looks really good.

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Out of curiosity, why did you choose to use two small grey spacers on the back parts of the silver claws rather than one normal sized spacer?

Just looks nicer imo.

oh gosh, this looks cool.
I naturally want to make a pahrak va version…
but I don’t think the pahrak kal shield comes in brown

Edit:I checked, and no the pahrak kal shield does not come in brown

This looks epic! Great part usage too!