Tahruk The Fallen

Name: Tahruk
Status: Ta-Matoran (Transformed), Toa Cordak of Fire (Transformed), Dark Hunter (Current)
Kanohi: Kanohi Matatu, Noble Mask of Telekinesis (Matoran), Kanohi Huna, Great Mask of Concealment, later damaged by Zyglak (Toa), Mutated Kanhi Huna (Dark Hunter)
Powers: Elemental fire powers
Tools: (as Dark Hunter) Great Protosteel Fire Sword, Gravity Dagger (carried to honor the fallen Toa Cordak), Energized Chain Hook
Status: Alive

This is probably my most successful MOC since I got back into Bionicle earlier in 2016, let me know what you think and I'll probably stick around with more creations when I get a hold of more pieces. Pictures and backstory/lore below.

Tahruk was a Ta-Matoran, and the military strategist of Ta-Metru in the early ages of Metru Nui. Undoubtably talented in his profession due to his stubborn nature and intelligence, he was still disliked by most other Matoran. When a large group of Vahki defected and started attacking the citizens of Metru Nui, the Matoran had great difficulties defeating the enraged Vahki. Tahruk's forces were set do defend the Coliseum, but were quickly overrun and Tahruk was greatly injured in the battle. Shortly after, the defecting Vahki were defeated by Toa Dume.

Tahruk was sent to the island of Karzahni to have his injuries sought after. Luckily for him, Tahruk was one of Karzahni's more successful reparations, although not by any means a perfect fix. He has a reduced lung capacity ever since, and have difficulty running long distances. During his recovery on the island of Karzahni, Tahruk witnessed Karzahni's descent into madness. He quickly realised he had to get back to Metru Nui or he might not ever leave the island. He found an empty Toa Canister on a beach and was able to get it running and set course for Metru Nui.

On his way back, the Canister was struck by lightning from the Red Star. The Canister, that had previously been used, burst when it was struck and started taking in water. Tahruk knew he wouldn't last long under water, even shorter after Karzahni's "repair". When the Canister was almost filled up with water, the top half of it cracked open and it was opened wide. Tahruk swam towards the surface, and got a hold of some floating debris from the Canister but quickly realised he was caught in the middle of a storm.

Tahruk held on to the remaines of the Canister, hoping he sooner or later would drift ashore. As he grew more and more tired, holding on to the debris proved much harder.
Tahruk soon realised that the Canister had a loose piece on the outside of it. He managed to get it loose and held on to it, as it seemed to keep him warm and remain strong. Hours later, Tahruk against all better judgement, fell asleep. He awoke to find that the storm had moved on, and the waters were relatively calm. As he looked around him, he lost his breath as he saw two longer figures standing on the Canister next to him. As Tahruk's eyes adjusted to the light, he identified the figures as Toa. Upon further investigation, he recognised them as the Toa Cordak of Water and Lightning. As they agreed to help him back to Metru Nui, Tahruk realised that the storm hadn't cleared. In fact, it was only an effect of the two Toa's power in unison.

Tahruk was taken back to Metru Nui and was set down on the shores of Le-Metru. He was taken care of by a Ga-Matoran, and was soon approached by the two Toa that had saved him, along another long figure. The third figure, also a Toa, held the small object from the Canister Tahruk had held on to. He introduced himself as Toa Lesovikk, leader of the Toa Cordak and asked him where he had found the stone.
Tahruk told him about how he found it and how it had helped him cross the ocean. Lesovikk's eyes widened a bit and told him that what had helped Tahruk was a Toa Stone, and the effect it had on him had proved that The Great Spirit saw potential in him as a Toa.

Lesovikk and the other Toa Cordak led Tahruk to the Great Temple's Suva and instructed him how to use it. Sure enough, the stone had it's expected effect and Tahruk felt a wave of power he had never felt before wash over him and he grew to almost twice his normal size. He stood up and saw the other Toa look at him with smiles on their faces. Lesovikk agreed to assist Tahruk in his training to master his newly gained powers. As Tahruk came to understand his powers, he proved to be an excellent swordfighter, although his problems from the island of Karzahni remained he still became known as a fierce fighter.

As the years passed, Tahruk was accepted into the Toa Cordak as the team's Toa of Fire. More Toa was eventually reqruited into the team and they won many victories with Tahruk as the team's strategist. due to his experiences in Ta-Metru. For the first time in his life, even though he often clashed with the other Toa, Tahruk finally felt he belonged.
On one mission, the Toa team encountered a large band of Zyglak. Sworn enemies of the Toa and Matoran, Tahruk housed a deep hatred for the savage species. Almost in the same moment as the Zyglak charged at the team, Tahruk did the same. Even though the rest of the Toa hesitated and protested, they soon realised they had to partake in the fight to save Tahruk from a certain death. The fight was swift and brutal, the Zyglak outnumbered the Toa by at least 10 to 1. Tahruk called out to Lesovikk, as he had ran out of ideas to fend of the Zyglak. Lesovikk looked Tahruk in the eyes with a look of despair, and he felt a eering feeling of hopelessness. Realising Lesovikk was in no place to make decisions, he turned to Nikila, the Toa of Lightning, hoping for advice from her. Just as Tahruk met her eyes, she was struck in the chest by a Zyglak's spear, shortly followed by additional spears and teeth. All the Toa were stunned by the event, which resulted in the Toa falling one by one until only Lesovikk, Tahruk and the Toa of Gravity remained. The Toa of Gravity was overrun and disintegrated by the savages, and Lesovikk took a step back. Tahruk noticed this and looked at the Toa of Air over his shoulder. This gave a Zyglak a clear view of Tahruk's head, and he was struck over his right eye, resulting in him being permanently blinded on that eye and he was quickly overrun by the savages. The remaining Zyglak dragged Tahruk away, and as he looked back at Lesovikk defeating the last fighting savage he expected him to run after the Zyglak dragging him. Tahruk cried out after Lesovikk who delivered the finishing blow to the defeated Zyglak, expecting him to save him from being dragged away into the savage's lair. Lesovikk looked back at him with a look of hopelessness, and took some hesitant steps back before he ran back towards land. Tahruk saw his friend, his teacher, run away and leave him for dead. He shouted Lesovikk's name so loud that the rocks around him shook.
Tahruk woke up days later, held prisoner in the lair of the Zyglak. He looked around and saw a pile of maybe 20, 25 Kanohi masks from earlier victims. Fueled by desperation, sadness and anger, Tahruk soon broke free from the chains around his wrists. He pretended to still have his hands tied up until a Zyglak opened his cage to lead Tahruk out, presumably to be consumed. As the savage closed in, Tahruk quickly stood up and got a hold of the Zyglak's spear and struck him down. One by one, Tahruk killed all the Zyglak in the lair and recovered his protosteel sword.

Following the demise of the Toa Cordak, Tahruk lost faith in the Toa Code, and rid himself from the title as Toa. During the years, his distrust in the Toa increased. He still searched vengeance for his fallen Toa comrades by slaying most Zyglak he came across. They were not the only ones he sought revenge upon. The Zyglak were after all not the sole cause of the Toa Cordak's end. Tahruk was in constant pursuit of the team's leader. His Trainer. His former friend. The rogue Toa of Air, Lesovikk. Tahruk knew he was presumed dead by most, and wanted to keep a low profile until he could get close enough to Lesovikk to avenge the deaths of his friends, which he felt the Toa of Air was solely responsible for. For this reason, Tahruk joined the Dark Hunters. There he became a successful enforcer, and was highly respected among the ranks. He refused to harm Matoran, as he considered them innocent and incapable to cause any serious harm. On one mission, where Tahruk was hired by Roodaka to destroy 6 supposed Toa Stones on the island Xia to prevent Matoran slave workers to eventually finding them, he could see a glimpse of Lesovikk in the far distance. This led to Tahruk temporarily abandoning his mission, which led to 6 Matoran finding the Stones and were turned into Toa. The newly created Toa set all the Matoran slave workers free, halting the building process of a large fortress for the Vortixx species. This enraged Roodaka, and when Tahruk returned to report that the mission was failed, She exposed him to a large amount of Hordika venom and had him imprisoned in a secret Dark Hunter Prison deep within the Onu-Metru Archives. The Hordika Venom affected Tahruk Greatly, but grew to a halt at a certain point, preventing him into turning into a mindless beast. A large protion of his memory was erased, but he still had one thing in mind.


MAN, that was a lot of text, but I feel like it turned out pretty good. As said above, tell me what you think, and feel free to leave a comment! I'd like to keep building up scenarios that connect into this, so stay tuned! More material will hopefully come up sooner or later.

What Came Next...?


Those orange Bohrok eyes on his arms are rather out of place.


Wait a minute. So he started as a ta matoran, then he turned into something similar to a toa, but then he mutated and turned evil, and he kinda looks like Vakama Hordika...

Anyway, nice moc. I really like the swords.

@21sselliW I see where you are coming from, it was a bit of controversy for me aswell. The reason behind it was parts limitation initially, but then I started placing the pieces more spread out and imagined it as kind of a vein system of elemental fire energy flowing through his body.

Thanks for the comment, I will keep that in mind!

@MaximusPrime Good point, didn't really think about that. I would however not classify him as an "evil" character really,as his main motive is revenge towards Lesovikk as he sees him as the cause of death of the only people he really cared about. If he ever would catch up to Lesovikk, it is not certain how it would turn out, maybe there would be a fight that would cause the death of any of the characters. Or maybe there would be a fight between the two where Lesovikk apologizes to Tarduk and they come together again (Matau and Vakama Hordika, hurhurhur).

Thanks for the comment!


Cool story and MOC.

Holy carp it's beautiful.

That's actually pretty good, and like I said with Karomax really fits the feel of a Dark Hunter. Keep up the good work!

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