Tahtorak CCBS MOC

Hello all,
I have recently been quite busy with my latest Rahi revamp, the Tahtorak! I got inspired after a large package came in the mail carrying the entirety of one of the CCBS creation free play bins in a Lego store. (I have a few close friends in the Lego store business). Rather than trying to find out who sent me the gift and whether or not a Lego employee is even allowed to send someone that for free (Believe me - I’m not complaining! :wink: ), I set to work organizing the dozens of masks, yummy trans-purple bones (about 30 in total), countless eyestalks, heads, and more. Anyway, since this batch in question had so many trans green shells, I began to make a dinosaur, which turned into the Tahtorak. This is the biggest yet, and while the color scheme has been shifted to a lime focus and trans flourescent green yellow (…??? that trans color Pohatu has), I tried to keep it as close to the original as possible.

Without further ado, here’s the Titan Answer-Seeker in all his jumbled-color scheme glory!

Comments, constructive criticism, and tips are welcome! I am relatively new to MOCing in general and would love to hear tips from the masters! Thanks for checking out this MOC!


This is pretty good. I don’t have any complaints right now, but I might come up with some later.

The legs could use some more green/lime, but otherwise this is fantastic! :+1:

Um. It’s a thing. A cool thing, but still a thing. I don’t have much to say.

is a good @tahtorak

anhway colors blend nicely, I wish there were more spines/wings and from the top it seems see-through. It’s fabulous tho

gr8 m8. 8/8. would r8 again. cannot h8 tis beast.

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@Political_Slime Thanks! I ran out of green shells for the legs, so that’s why :wink:

@JMP Thanks! Yeah, I tried to add some more spikes on the tail, but it didn’t work out, and didn’t add wings as the original didn’t have wings to my knowledge.

@ThePinkFluffyMovement Thanks m8 sounds gr8

@MiraculousPrime …Thanks…?

@Chronicler Thanks.


You’re welcome?


sweet nice revamp

I like the body a lot but the face could use some work, I don’t think the insectoid head fits

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By the great Lobster in the sky, I want a big package of premium parts pronto…

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All these blokes are like “Could be better” and I’m like “Why can’t I be this good? :,( Why!”


Me everytime I see any MOC on these boards…


This is a real Tahtorak party!

There aint no party like a Tahtorak party!


Very nice moc! The only problem to me is lack of eyes. I know eyes are there, but it would be nice to see them as separate translucent pieces.

Could we get a picture of it with a Protector or other figure for some scale?

Did someone mention the Tahtorak Party?

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Oh my goodness that thing is horrifying, well done sir. Well done indeed.

Holy crap. It’s Coolio

This makes me want to remake Gadunka even more…